Thanksgiving Week – Clio’s Parade

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving!

The clock pretty much just turned midnight and do you know what that marks? Thanksgiving week. The same week that I look forward to sitting around with the family.. my eyes bigger than my stomach.. stuffing my face with ridiculous amounts of food and then going into a deep coma for the hours after. For Robin, apparently, while Thanksgiving is a wonderful day – I’ve heard more about Black Friday shopping over the past couple of weeks that I am getting concerned for the girl.

On another note, we wanted to start Thanksgiving week off right – by giving everyone a bit of cooking humor and well, what people in the south expect to have as a major component of Thanksgiving – and no… it’s not the turkey.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Week – Clio’s Parade

  1. Why does it have to be Black Friday and not Green Friday for all the money that will be spent. Or red for how many bank accounts will be in the red after that day of buying things. LOL just Kidding. I have never cooked a Thanksgiving Dinner but wherever I lay my fork and spoon I bet there will be a couple of sticks in the meal LOL.

  2. Can’t get enough of Paula Deen pictures like this. Cracks me up each time. The whole couple of sticks of butter per dish falls right in with the “Oh my goodness” and “I rebuke you” kind of things you hear/do in the south.

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